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Energy efficient reconstruction: Hermann-Kolb-School, Nuremberg


The elemantary school Altenfurt is located in the Southeast of Nuremberg. The restoration of the building took place within the frame of the economic-growth package II.

In restoring of the outer building parts passive house components were used: thermal insulation of the facades, roofs and building parts adjoining the ground/subfloor, exchange of the windows. In doing so utmost attention was focused on using passive house components and on minimizing thermal bridges. The implementation of the measures took place during day-to-day lessons and ongoing school activities. The budget was undershot. For that reason  it was possible to additionally furnish half of the classrooms with decentralized ventilation systems with heat recovery.

By implementing a finely tuned concept of colour coordination and few targeted adjustments on the existing facade a harmonious and appealing visual identity was achieved which evolved to an object of identification to the school. The distinctive facade design has become the new logo of the school.

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Energy efficient reconstruction: Hermann-Kolb-School, Nuremberg