ING+ARCH - combining sophisticated architecture with innovative engineering conceptions

Rising CO2-emissions are accelerating climate change. Energy resources are limited though the world wide energy demand is constantly increasing. Due to the shortage of natural resources our world will more and more be faced with energetic as well as with social problems. Considering these facts it consitutes a personal incentive and challenge for us to bring into play our knowledge in creating energy efficient buildings sparing our resources.

interdisciplinary - transparent - experienced

We combine sophisticated architecture with innovative conceptions of energy efficiency. Starting in the early phases of planning we already bundle our competencies in the fields of architecture, energy, building physics, structural engineering and fire protection.  Thus we individually meet the needs of your project. Communicating in an open way we are exploring new solutions with you, always searching for future-prospective and forward-looking ways. In this process, social knowledge about innovative modes of living and working, flexible conceptions of  planning layouts and variable detail solutions are just as important to us as aesthetic and functional considerations. We know of the demands within the field of public buildings just as we have developed expertise for the needs and wishes of private clients. After years of experience on a national as well as international level, networking successfully with qualified specialists we stand by your side as competent partners during all phases of the project. For transparent communication we are dedicated to a close exchange of information, offered also in English and Russian language.

energy efficient - cost-effective - sustainable

Our work is focused on simple, intelligent and cost-effective conceptions of buildings. Weighing an energy efficient standard with costs of investment grants control of expenses for your project. By implementing long-living types of construction we secure the preservation of your building's value. By means of fine tuned building- and construction engineering we decrease the consumption of energy. With all of our projects we are aiming at a low consumption of final energy in order to  reach independence of natural resources in the future. We usually add regenerative energies and renewable natural resources optimized and specified to the respective project. We always plan on a long-term basis since utilizations can change. Today we are thinking of tomorrow, equipping our projects with the highest possible flexibility therefore making future changes in utilization possible.

committed - interested - convinced

We put our comittment into action for a reduction of CO2-emissions and for a fifty percent lower energy consumption in Germany until 2050. Educating in lectures and seminaries, having exclusively conceived our mobile exhibition "Passive house - building energy-saving" and "energy experience path" we are dedicated to our commitment far beyond our respective careers. We are always interested in exchange of information and we keep contributing to solutions because:

We believe an energy efficient approach to be the right way into our future!